Welcome Email

Sending a quality welcome email sets the tone for your brand. Do you want to to drive installs? Introduce yourself? Drive traffic to another resource?

All of these things could potentially be done in the first email. In short, don’t waste the welcome.

1a. General Welcome Email One

Subject Line: Welcome to {Company Name}!

Hi {{subscriber.first_name}},

Welcome to the {Company Name} Community!

If you’re ready to get up and running with {Tool/Company Name}, we highly suggest you check out {Insert Relevant Resource/Link}.

And if I/we could ask you one question: What are you hoping to achieve with {Tool/Company Name}?


{{Your Name}}

P.s. All you have to do is hit reply and ask me anything. I’m/We’re all ears.

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1b. Gist’s Welcome Email from Jitta

Subject Line: You’re in, {{subscriber.first_name}}! Welcome 🤗

Hi {{subscriber.first_name}},

How are your first impressions of Gist?

Let me know if you have any questions – I’m the Founder and I am here to help.

Our customers have told us the following reasons are why they sign up:

  • They’re looking for ONE tool to handle all their email marketing, live chat, support desk, etc.
  • They want to improve customer communication
  • They’re looking for a tool that nurtures leads into sales
  • They want a “central source of truth” for all their contacts

If these sound like problems you’re looking to solve… well, congratulations! You’ve found what you’re looking for. 👏

Over the course of your trial, we’ll be sharing tips with you to get the most out of Gist.

I look forward to showing you why thousands of companies use Gist to communicate with their contacts.

If you ever have any questions, our team has the answers and are standing by to assist!

I look forward to hearing your first impressions!


Raqhavender Rao Jitta (aka Jitta)

CEO & Founder of Gist

P.S. Be sure to follow the Getting Started walkthrough to help get you setup.

P.P.S. Tomorrow, you’ll hear from our Product Education Specialist to show you how to get the most out of Gist.

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