Track Everything. Automatically.

From the moment you install, Gist autotracks clicks, form submissions, page views, and more – no coding needed.

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It’s a nightmare to track users manually…

Writing custom tracking code every time a new feature or marketing campaign is released leads to messed up tracking plans and ongoing engineering work.


…so track everything automatically

Point, click, and track everything your contacts do in real time with zero code, so your engineering teams can focus on your product.

See everything about your users

Your visitors, users, customers, and every action they’ve ever done on your site or app. All together. Understand what’s going on, what’s working and what’s not.

The easiest possible integration

Use Gist’s event visualizer to track(strikethrough) define events without knowing any code. Product managers, marketers, and designers can setup tracking plans and create segments in seconds.

    • View historical data

      Get fully retroactive data instantly for all user events from day one, even when you define the events later.

    • Track custom events

      If required, Gist still offers the ability to manually track events by calling ‘gist.track’, so you don’t have to change the way you work.


Search and filter instantly

All your contacts, their actions, and their properties are instantly available through universal search and intuitive filtering.

    • One search, for anything

      Search your entire userbase instantly, by name, email, or user ID. It has never been this easy to look up user data

    • Intuitive filtering

      Apply filters to answer questions about your contacts, based on their properties or what they’re doing in your app.


Manage your subscriber base

Stop using outdated static lists. Instead, use next generation smart segments. Save commonly used filters as segments and reuse them throughout your project.

    • Create hyper-targeted segments

      Filter users from over 32 predefined contacts properties or from custom fields that matter most to your business.

    • Export your segments to other tools

      Filter your data as you want and then export to CSV, so you can pull it into other tools, and take further action on the data.


View contacts activity in real-time

See every interaction with your contacts – including conversations, emails, and meetings, in a beautiful timeline.

    • Enrich user profiles automatically

      Turn email addresses into full social profiles, company info, location and more, from our database of millions of contacts.

    • Identify your best leads

      Find out who your most engaged contacts are using our lead scoring algorithm to fuel your sales team with highly qualified leads.


Get access to all the information you need in real-time

See who’s using key features

Slice and dice your user activity to see which of your product features are used the most so you can prioritize key features on your roadmap.

Discover your most active contacts

See who your daily active contacts are based on their session count, and when they were last seen on your website.

See who’s slipping away

Reduce your churn rate by learning who your most inactive users are, and send them re-engagement emails to bring them back.

Find out who needs help

See contacts who are browsing your knowledge base and have your customer success team reach out proactively.