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A unified marketing, sales, and support platform that serves as a single source of truth for the entire journey from website visitor to repeat customer.

Here's a deep dive into specific use cases, or continue reading below for the overview.

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Live Chat

Talk to the right people in the right place, at the right time – right on your website. Stop chasing uninterested leads, and proactively reach out to the people who are on your site and looking for your services.

You can explain what you do, book more appointments and increase revenue. Gist lets you do this at scale.

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Chat Bots

Have a highly-customized bot on your site when you and your team aren’t available. At every moment of the day, bots can deliver vital information, qualify incoming leads and even book appointments.

Use bots to field questions on important site locations like the contact and pricing pages to capture leads immediately.

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Email Marketing

Increase sales by sending each lead a hand-crafted email campaign. Stop sending the same email to all of your potential clients.

Trigger emails and drip campaigns automatically using interactions and behaviors and needs of your users. Guide each prospect on a personalized path to booking an appointment and becoming a customer.

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Marketing Automation

Save time and scale growth by automating repetitive tasks. Apply tags, create segments, and send targeted drip campaigns based on rules that you decide.

New visual workflows allow a simple way to craft personalized, automated journeys for every lead to better nurture them toward closing the deal.

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Help Desk

Improve customer service and handle issues as soon as they arise. Better communicate with clients and the team using an intuitive support system fully linked to live chat functionality.

Prioritize and organize incoming tickets to quickly take care of the most important problems and keep customer happy.

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Knowledge Base

Reduce the overall number of problems with a fully-searchable backlog of articles explaining every little detail of your products and services.

Give your team the quick resources they need to better handle repetitive requests coming from customers.

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Event Tracking

Learn about your best customers, hottest leads, and biggest fans by automatically tracking their every interaction. See every interaction with your website and emails in real-time.

Identify growth opportunities by understanding each customer’s journey with instant, retroactive insights.

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Capture every possible lead by creating and testing multiple forms. Configure forms to show on any page and anytime you want by using preset display conditions to fine tune your list building.

Seamlessly join your email broadcasts and campaigns to your forms to send highly personalized emails immediately to your new leads.

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Site Notifications

Notify visitors of changes, new content and next steps to take in order to get the most from your site.

Send leads and subscribers blog updates or special offers to keep your services at the top of their mind.


Sales Sequences

Use email sales outreach along with your marketing to supercharge growth and create predictable revenue.

Automatically send personalized emails to your ideal customers and get the conversation started.



A lightweight tool to keep track of all of your leads and current customers. Link the power of email marketing and automation up to a CRM to get a 360° view of your business.

Better understand and score leads while sharing it with your entire sales and marketing team.