Educate Customers.
Reduce Support Burden

Easily edit and add articles to walk your customers through products and services.

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Your customers have questions...

Little details about your products can stall users.


...solve their problem without a support ticket

If they have too much trouble, they'll contact support, or even leave.

Educate customers right when they need it

Easily create tutorial articles explaining how to use all of the features your products have to offer.

    • A searchable place for common questions

      when your customers have an issue, a searchable knowledge base can deliver the right information for "just in time" learning.


Create knowledge base articles in minutes

Stop having support answer common questions about your products and services. Quickly create and publish content that your current customers can easily find.

    • Easily edit support articles

      The content editor right within the ap is easy to use and made to function like many other popular editors.

    • Draft and publish quickly

      Articles can be saved as drafts to come back and edit later. Once completed, posts can be published and go live immediately.

    • Create a searchable library

      All articles can be organized into categories and are made searchable so customers can type in keywords to quickly relevant posts.


The right information right on time

Have tutorials and answers for all of the common questions asked by your customers.

    • Empower your users.

      With a well-crafted knowledge base, clients will have all of the needed tutorials at their fingertips.
    • Reduce the support burden

      The support team can direct customers to appropriate articles instead of creating complex tickets.

All of the how-to in one place

Everything your products and services do explained in bitesized chunks that can be quickly found.

    • Every detail well-organized

      Create categories for individual features or processes for customers to find things faster.
    • Customer search and find quickly

      A search function is automatically included to help your users find answers as your database content grows.

Improve customer success with minimal effort

Create the articles to educate your users and arm your support reps with ready made answers.

    • Reduce ticket time

      With a knowledge base full of easily-solved issues, your reps can quickly guide customers to the right content.
    • Deep product education one step at a time

      Simply put together short, informative posts that can explain a single action in enough detail for all of your clients.

Create a knowledge base instantly

Easy drafting

Create new articles and save drafts for easy keeping until you are ready to hit publish.

Immediately searchable

Once articles are published, they'll be indexed in the knowledge base adn searchable by users.

Category organization

Seperate articles into sections based on different stages, features or any other cateogry type for easy finding.

Rating tool

Place a simple rating widget at the bottom of your articles to receive feedback to improve the helpfulness of content.