Done-For-You Migration to Gist

We make switching to Gist easy by doing all the legwork for you!

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Switching Email Providers is a Pain

This was the loudest complaint we heard, So now we’re recreating all your workflows And email campaigns for you!

Watch as We Do It For You

We’ll record videos walking you through everything so you can Shortcut the learning curve.

Why Gist?

Gist is an all-in-one suite of tools helping you grow your customer base and support those customers.

    • All-in-One Platform

      Email marketing, marketing automation, live chat, chat bots, help desk, knowledge base, chat bots, calendar scheduling, opt-in forms, and more under one roof.

    • Multiple Verticals

      We have lots of marketing agencies, software companies, service companies, bloggers And more that use the Gist platform.

    • 24/7 Support

      We have customers from all over the world and we understand the importance of being there when customers need us. Gist is transcribed in 45 languages as well.

    • Customers Love Us

      Check out our Testimonials. Look up our reviews on third party sites. The depth of our Product, combined with the affordable price point, makes Gist a no-brainer.

What We Do For You

So you can hit the ground running, we’ll get your new Gist account all setup for you.

    • Configure All Your Settings

      We’ll port over all your existing configuration settings like email, hours of operation, team members, and more.

    • Import Your Subscribers and Properties

      What good is an email marketing tool with no contacts? We’ll take your existing subscribers and setup any custom properties. We’ll ensure any existing tags are brought over as well.

    • Import Segments and Lists

      If you already have your subscribers organized by lists or segments, we’ll be sure they match when importing into Gist as well.

But Wait... There’s More!

We don’t want you to just be setup, we’ll also recreate everything in your account!

    • Re-create Automation Workflows

      Have crazy automations that guide your contacts through a series of different automated workflows? No problem, we understand marketing automation at a deep level and will re-create them in Gist.

    • Re-create Email Templates

      You’ve spent the time creating amazing emails. We’ll recreate them inside of Gist so you don’t lose any work. Side note - we also have pre-written templates for different use cases that you might want to check out.

    • Re-create Signup Forms

      We’ll not only re-create your existing sign up forms or lead capture forms, but we can even help you get them installed on your website if you like.

Final Checklist

    • Full account review

      We’ll set up a time for a full account review to make sure everything is exactly the way you want it.

    • Priority Support

      Play around with things on your own and reach out to your dedicated account manager or to our 24/7 support to get you taken care of.

    • Quick Turnaround

      Depending on volume of requests, and the complexities of your current setup, your migration should be ready in 1 to 2 weeks.

    • Become a Promoter

      Sign up to be a partner and change all the “Powered by” links to use your tracking link. This gives you credit for referrals so you earn recurring commissions, swag and more!