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Discover why Gist is a win for your business


Receive messages from leads and users wherever they are

Gist Messenger

Chat with people on your website, on mobile, and in your app

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Email channel

Forward emails from any address to your Gist Inbox.


See and reply to Facebook messages in your Team Inbox


See and reply to any Twitter DMs in your Team Inbox..

Team Inbox

One place to manage and respond to all conversations with leads and users

44+ languages supported

Localize Gist Messenger to work with multiple languages.

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Customer profiles

Know who you’re talking to – see their location, activity and more.

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Group teammates by expertise and assign conversations to them.

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Quickly delegate a conversation to another User when you need help.

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Attach files

Attach files of up to 10mb to any outgoing messages.

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Collision detection

Real-time alert when people are viewing or replying to the same conversation.

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Desktop notifications

Get notified of conversation activity with desktop browser notifications supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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Email signatures

Add a personalized HTML signature to every reply.

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Open tracking

See whether your customer has viewed the message you've sent them.

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iOS, iPad OS and Android apps

Check in on your mailboxes, manage conversations, and collaborate with your team on your iPad or iPhone or any Android phone.

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Notes & Mentions

Loop in teammates in conversations and work together behind the scenes.

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Support history

Customers can access their support history and reply in Gist Messenger.

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Office hours

Filter reports and activate the auto reply based on your operating hours.

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Advanced search

Search all your data, add advanced filters and perform bulk actions all in one step.

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Welcome messages

Create your own automated chat triggers to engage visitors, capture leads, and win customers.

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Automatic reply email

Create a confirmation message that is sent to customers as soon as their email is received.

Bulk actions

When viewing a folder, select up to 50 conversations and you can act on them all at once.


Use tags to categorize conversations, monitor trends and trigger Workflows.

Message sneak peek

See what the visitors are typing in real time before they send it over.

Lead qualification profiles

Record and keep track of information from leads as you chat.

Live view

Know exactly who’s on your website in real-time and message them proactively.

Satisfaction ratings

Customers rate their support experience and you can view results in the reports.

Inbox Automation

Reduce time spent on redundant tasks

Saved replies

Reply to common questions faster with canned, personalized replies.

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Assignment rules

Automatically assign conversations based on company or user data.

Smart suggestions

Our bot intelligently suggests articles based on the questions people ask.

Custom Bots

Deploy useful bots that can assist with simple requests like surfacing relevant help documentation, routing inquiries to the right team, booking appointments, and more.

Lead qualification bot

Define the information you need and Operator will collect it for you.

Round robin assignment

Automatically assign conversations equally between available teammates.

Separate support and sales

Identify and route existing customers to support and new leads to sales.

Chat transcripts

Effortlessly send a downloadable transcript of your live chat conversation in a few clicks.

Actionable Insights

See your team’s performance and plan ahead

Response times

Set expectations by showing your average response time in the Messenger.

Conversation volume

Know how many conversations you’re having and when you’re busiest.

Team performance reports

See individual conversation volume, response time, revenue, and more Total leads.

Revenue reports

See revenue metrics overall, by message, landing page and bots.

Lead sources

Understand which messages generate the most leads.

Public Help Center

A beautiful knowledge base, searchable by anyone

Write articles

A clean composer that leaves no surprises when you push articles live.

Unlimited data

Help center can handle all the collections and articles you can throw at it.

Control visibility

Choose which articles are discoverable on your Help Center.

Custom branding

Set your own color scheme, logo, and header image to reflect your brand.

Custom domain

Point any domain or sub-domain to your Docs site for branding control.

Messenger in Knowledgebase

Let people get in touch if they can’t find the answer from your Help Center.

Mobile friendly

Works on any device so your customers can find what they need wherever they are.

44+ languages supported

Support another language or match to your voice and tone.

Revision history

Access and restore previous versions of an article quickly.

Instant user search

Lightning fast search enables customers to find what they need in seconds.


Customize your URL slug, add keywords, search engine visibility and enjoy an auto-generated sitemap.xml file.


Your site will be served over SSL for no additional charge.

Content importer

Import your existing public knowledge base in a single click.

Helpful Insights

Feedback loops to help you improve your content

Article reactions

Make it easy for customers to tell you if an article is helpful or not.

Rich feedback

Automatically collect feedback to understand how to improve articles.

Actionable Reporting

See average response time, ratings, avg replies to closed ticket, and more.

Help Desk Integration

Connect Knowledgebase and Inbox to scale your support

Article search

Quickly search your entire Help Center without leaving your team inbox.

Article sharing

Search articles when viewing a conversation and insert a link without leaving the Inbox.

Hold All Types Of Meetings

Start scheduling meetings faster with Gist

One-on-one meetings

Supports 1-on-1 meetings where invitees schedule individual slots with you.

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Unlimited event types

Event types allow you to tailor your availability, meeting duration, location and more depending on the meeting and who’s scheduling with you.

Easy to share

Share your meetings link anywhere or embed directly on your website.

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Website embed

Allow your customers to schedule directly from your website.

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Works on all devices

No matter if it's phone, tablet or desktop, Gist is accessible from every device, anywhere.

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Control your branding

Take every opportunity to show your customers who you are. Highlight your brand on your scheduling page with custom color choices and logo placements.

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Timezone detection

Timezone is automatically detected so the date and times are always expected the same.

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Availability control

Customize your availability at the times you like so invitees will see only available times defined by you.

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Buffer times

Build buffer time between meetings and require custom advance notice for bookings.

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Minimum scheduling notice

Avoid last minute meetings and give yourself enough time to prepare.

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Daily limits

Cap the number of meetings per day so you are not swamped.

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Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

Ask discovery questions and use integrations to schedule web conferences

Pre-scheduling form

Capture quality information about a prospect using custom form questions. This saves you time and provides you with valuable context about your contact before the meeting.

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Multi-lingual scheduling page

Language of the scheduling page is automatically detected based on invitee locale. Supported languages are English, Italian, Polish, French, Swedish, German.

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Automated event notifications

Notifications of new meetings and cancellations are emailed automatically to you and your invitees, ensuring everyone stays in sync.

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Automated meetings

Qualify leads and schedule meetings using chatbots that work 24/7.

Customizable email notifications and reminders

Send custom emails with information that you determine your invitees need, when they need it.

Zapier integration

With Zapier you can instantly connect Gist with the apps you use every day, including Slack, Gmail, Google Sheets, InfusionSoft, MailChimp and hundreds more.

Zoom integration

The Gist Zoom integration automates your clients' booking by generating a unique video conference link for every meeting.

Metrics & reports

Added support for UTM parameters to track the source of your leads. Pull reports on your scheduled invitees by source, campaign, event type, time-period and more.

Contact Profiles

Understand who they are and every interaction they’ve had with your business

Activity timeline

See a chronological timeline view into every customer's engagement with your business.

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Smart fields

Segment prospects using smart fields such as "last contacted" and "last seen" date.

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Custom properties

Create custom properties to store virtually any kind of data in Contacts. Add and edit data right inside Gist.

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Custom tags

Users can be tagged, searched and messaged based on custom created tag information.

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Time zone detection

Timezone is recorded by gathering information on IP based on form submit or email open.

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Track the entire customer lifecycle to see where your customers come from.

Increment custom field values

Ability to increment a custom field value (such as adding the $ amount a subscriber has spent).

Contact Management

Everything to add, edit, organize, and clean your list

Saved segments

Ability to save a segment of users based on event, tag or customer field information for easy messaging.

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List pruning

Interface to prune subscribers which may help increase deliverability and decrease cost.

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Bulk edit contacts

Ability to make adjustments to tags and other global information to a segment of users.

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CSV Imports

Hit the ground running and import your customer attributes and actions using Gist's CSV import tools.

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CSV Exports

Perform custom analysis by exporting your reporting data to a CSV or Excel file.

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Event Tracking

Understand how visitors are interacting with your website in real time.

Anonymous visitor tracking

Gist seamlessly stitches together anonymous and known visitor data to generate more consistent cross-device experience.

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Repeat visitor tracking

Ability to track anonymous users using cookies to tailor campaigns toward repeat or specific (like pricing) page views on and across domains.

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Custom events

Ability to create custom events based on user actions.

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UTM tracking

Comes with out-of-the-box UTM tracking.

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Automatically capture your contacts location for geo targeted campaigns.

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Automatic event tracking

Our JavaScript snippet automatically captures every click and page view.

Point-and-Click Editor

Event Visualizer allows you to codelessly track any button or link click on your website.

Email Marketing

World class email marketing + marketing automation

Easy editor

Create templates in moments without needing code or find templates in the marketplace that have performed well for other businesses.

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Broadcast emails

Sometimes you need to talk to everyone at once. Send one-time email campaigns to anyone on your list.

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Automated emails

Trigger emails based on purchase. Or site visits. Or engagement. Automatically send emails when your contacts are most interested.

Email autoresponders

Get in touch right away. Send welcome emails, start a welcome series, or deliver lead magnets automatically.

Scheduled emails

Schedule emails for a specific date and time. Perfect for events, holidays, birthdays, and sales teams.

Targeted emails

Make sure the right message gets to the right person. Group your audience into segments based on practically any information you have.

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Email builder (HTML/CSS)

Email editing features allow you to customize HTML/CSS either through the use of a tab or within a split plane view.

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CTA button insertion

Ability to easily insert a trackable CTA button without significant need to modify HTML/CSS.

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Automatically resend to non-openers

Increase your open rates by up to 50% by resending your email broadcasts to non-openers with a different email subject line.

Email preview

Preview how an email appears across web/other devices and as a particular subscriber to test personalization features.

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Test emails

Send a test email to one or more email addresses.

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Simple email templates

Ability to quickly launch an email campaign without significant design changes that work well across multiple devices.

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From the sender to the message to your call-to-action buttons, you can personalize nearly every part of your emails with Gist based on what you know about each contact

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Conditional content

Dynamically change your email content, including images, text and CTAs based on the recipient’s past behavior and patterned interests.

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Link click automation

Add tags, get notifications, or subscribe to campaigns, the second an email link is clicked.

Delivery windows

Choose what days and times to schedule a digest so your emails reach your audience right when they expect them.

Unlimited sender emails

Use different email sender name and email address to differentiate between your email newsletters and sales campaigns. Alternatively, you can manage different businesses in one account.

Mobile optimized

Make emails look as good on mobile as they do on desktop.

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Free image hosting

Upload unlimited images for your emails and campaigns.

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Manage HTML templates

Upload, organise and edit your fully responsive email designs and reuse them in all of your campaigns.

Managed deliverability

Have deliverability taken care of, so you reach as many people as possible.

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Dedicated IP

Establish and maintain your own email sending reputation and enhanced deliverability with a dedicated IP for sending all transactional messages.

Full email analytics

Track the performance of your campaigns with a day-by-day breakdown of emails delivered, clicks, opens, bounces, and more.

Double opt-in customization

Choose whether your subscribers can single opt-in or need to double opt-in to your list.

Custom unsubscribe

Ability to set emails to include an unsubscribe link from individual campaigns an entire account or remove an unsubscribe option.

Simple automation rules

If you’re not looking to create a whole funnel, you can still create individual automation rules with a simple “if this, then that” functionality.

Notification emails

Let automation nurture your leads, then notify you at the perfect moment to follow up.

Audience targeting

Target leads and users based on events, sessions, or features used.

Goal tracking

Set a goal and easily track the success of your workflow.


Monitor the performance of your workflow and quickly identify opportunities for optimization.

Form Builder

Build responsive forms fast, using our powerful builder, without relying on designers or developers

Responsive drag & drop visual builder

Creating a new form is as simple as dragging and dropping fields into place. Easily add labels and stylize your form in Gist.

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Fully-customizable templates

Launch faster with our templates or create your own form to streamline your workflow.

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Trigger email automations

Capture lead data and segment contacts by triggering automations within Gist.

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Create Personalized Experiences

Personalize their journey based on interests, purchase history, lifecycle stage and more

Prospect tracking

Know which companies are visiting your website even before they fill out a form. When they do convert, automatically associate them with their past actions.

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Merge tags & text replacement

Personalize messaging with merge tags for contact info, custom fields and URL data.

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Skip the right visitors to the right steps

Skip visitors to the right step based on previous responses, contact segments and more.

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Profile visitors over time with smart forms

Never ask for the same info twice using forms that profile visitors across multiple steps and visits.

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Launch Faster

Whatever campaign you’re launching next, Gist has templates to help you get launched faster

Full Screen Welcome Gate

Create full-screen call to actions that instantly boost conversions.

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Slide-in Scroll Boxes

Guide your site visitors to take specific actions.

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Floating Bars

Announce new features or promo offers and drive sales.

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Generate more leads by engaging visitors at the right moment.

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Inline Campaigns

Offer content upgrades within blog posts & content heavy pages.

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Control the Design

Customize the look and feel of your forms

Custom fonts

Stay on brand with our hand picked selection of the best most beautiful fonts from Google.

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Custom CSS

Imagine it. Build it. There are no limits to what you can do with Gist!

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Custom success messages

Craft your own custom conversion success overlay whenever you convert a new visitor into a subscriber. You can even include HTML in this message to encourage people to take further action, such as Like your Facebook page or follow your Twitter profile.

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Success redirects

Send your visitors to a custom landing page or specific URL once they have successfully opted into your form.

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26+ animations

Choose from 26+ attention-grabbing animation and sound effects.

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Launch Targeted Campaigns

Promote the right campaign to the right visitors

Visitor segment targeting

Target visitor segments based on page URLs, their visit history, referral source and more.

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Contact segment targeting

Target your email subscriber segments on your site by tags, lists, custom fields and more.

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Site placement targeting

Position popups and sticky bars. Dynamically display embedded forms in designated areas.

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Embed forms anywhere

Add forms to your landing pages easily, by copy & pasting the code onto your website to use Gist forms anywhere.

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Timed display control

Show your campaign at the right time to boost conversions.

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Inactive display control

Target inactive visitors and convert them into subscribers.

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Scroll trigger

Only show campaigns after the user has scrolled X% of the page.

Plans: All Plans

Exit intent trigger

Recover abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers.

Plans: All Plans

Campaign scheduling

Run time-sensitive campaigns during specific dates and times.

Plans: All Plans

Referrer detection

Show targeted messages based on where the user is coming from.

Plans: All Plans

Page-level targeting

Customize your campaigns based on the page or section of your website.

Plans: All Plans

Geo-location targeting

Personalize campaigns based on visitor's location.

Plans: All Plans

Cookie retargeting

Fine-tune your personalization with custom cookie retargeting.

Plans: All Plans

Device-based targeting

Create unique campaigns for desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.

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AdBlock detection

Recover adblock revenue with targeted messages.

Plans: All Plans

Success tracking scripts

Setup retargeting pixel based on campaign interaction to boost ROI.

Plans: All Plans

UTM campaign targeting

Target and show your campaigns based on specific UTM parameters or any other query parameter in your URL.

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Advanced Analytics

See which page or campaigns converting the best so you can improve your lead generation strategies.

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Additional Features

More Gist settings and management options

Invite your team members

Invite admins & collaborator users to get your entire team collaborating together.

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Manage your clients

Invite your clients to the websites you choose, so they can see reports and make edits to campaigns.

Plans: All Plans

Manage multiple websites

Manage multiple "website" separated as workspaces. Each website has its own campaigns, integrations and contacts.

Plans: All Plans

Javascript API

Customize and control your Gist Messenger with code.

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30+ apps & integrations

Connect Gist to other web services your business depends on.


Instant notification of activity in Gist.

Free migration services

We’ll migrate your automations, emails, forms, and contacts from any ESP for free.


We've worked hard to make Gist secure and reliable so your business can rely on us.

99.99% uptime

We understand how important reliability is to your business.

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GDPR compliance

Gist complies with the EU's data protection laws.

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Independently tested

We contract with security researchers and pen testers to discover security vulnerabilities.

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SSL & TLS (email) encryption

Bank-level security protects all your company data.

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