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Automate Your Entire
Customer Journey.

In a few clicks, Gist will automate your marketing, saving you time and making you money.

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email marketing automation

Create a customer journey…

Your prospects have a lot of questions .

email marketing automation

…that holds their hand from the start

Give them the answers and your solution.

Map Out Your Customer’s Journey

Visualize every interaction you have with a customer.

    • Lead Generation

      Tell prospects about your product and introduce them to your business…

    • Engagement

      Turn leads into customers and customers into repeat buyers.

    • Conversion

      Increase the value of every customer by optimizing their purchases .

email marketing automation

Your Customers are Real People

Message your audience based on their unique actions, demographics and interests.

    • Know exactly who you are selling too

      Create Actions and Tags to understand your audience and their behaviors.

    • Use Unlimited Goals to Segment your audience.

      Reporting Data allows you to notice trends in buying behavior to plan future sales processes.

    • Send the Right Message at the Right Time.

      Use powerful timing variables to increase engagements and conversion.

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“Done-For-You” Marketing Automations

Looking for a Library of Pre-Made Automations? We have you covered!

See the Workflow Templates

    • Get Started in Minutes!

      Select a Template, and have a Gist Automation working for your business in a matter of Clicks.

    • Endless Customization

      Use a Professional Designed Template to get started, then customize it to fit your business.

    • Tap into the Creativity of the Gist Community

      The Library of Automations is Updated and Added to with input from our users.

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Discover New Opportunities for your business

See what’s working now… and what isn’t with Automation Reports.

    • Boost your Customer Lifetime Value!

      Use Automation Reporting to find to Upsell and Cross Sell Opportunities to present to your customers.
    • Predict Performance and Visualize Results

      Reporting Data allows you to notice trends in buying behavior to plan future sales processes.
    • Recover Lost Revenue

      Find a weak point in your sales process and fix it in a click!
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A Complete Business System

Automate The Entire Gist Platform to work for your business.

    • Transform your Customer Experience

      Use Automation to Focus Your Prospect’s Actions so that they know exactly what they need to do and what they’ll get.
    • Slash your Marketing Costs

      Use Automations with the other features inside of Gist to control you Marketing from one centralized platform.
    • Increase your Revenue

      Use Automations to Structure your business so that it gives your customers what they want, when they want it.
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