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Not all SaaS companies have both emails of non-users and users alike. If you don’t, you may want to consider it. If not, you want to nurture those non-users into getting user status.

1. Blog Subscriber to Trial/Free Version

Subject Line: Enjoying our content? You’ll Love {Product Name}

Hi {{subscriber.first_name}},

We really hope you’ve been enjoying our content!

You may know that we’ve developed a product called {Product Name}

{Product Name} was made to:

  1. {First Benefit/Feature}
  2. {Second Benefit/Feature}
  3. {Third Benefit/Feature}

Want to know the best part?

There’s a free forever plan! [Or there’s a free trial/discount]

In order to get access, you only need to {Insert desired action}. You can quickly head to {Desired location} by clicking right here.


{{Your Name}}

P.S. Once you’re done, we’d love for your to watch/read our {Insert onboarding resource}. It will help you get acquainted quickly.

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