When people get on your email list, it likely happens one of two ways. You found their email (e.g. for cold emailing) They signed up on your website For our purposes today, we’ll discuss those who have signed up of their own accord on your…

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Welcome Email

Sending a quality welcome email sets the tone for your brand. Do you want to to drive installs? Introduce yourself? Drive traffic to another resource? All of these things could potentially be done in the first email. In short, don’t waste the welcome. 1a. General…

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User Onboarding

Onboarding Sequence (New User) New users are the lifeblood of any software company. Pairing in-app prompts with emails can provide both you and your users with a double dose of benefit. For those tools who can have users sign up for a freemium/trial and not…

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Subscriber to User

Blog Subscriber to Trial/Free Version Not all SaaS companies have both emails of non-users and users alike. If you don’t, you may want to consider it. If not, you want to nurture those non-users into getting user status. 1. Blog Subscriber to Trial/Free Version Subject…

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Trial to Paid

Trial to Paid Sequence If you have a free trial, you’ll want to prompt users when the trial is almost over. You should be nurturing them through the trial, but when it’s close to being done — it’s time for a push. 1. Trial Ending…

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Encourage Install

Some SaaS products have more than one step. For instance, Gist users can sign up for our product without installing it to their website. By encouraging installs, we boost our engagement and free to paid conversions. 1. Has NOT Installed/Completed Setup  Subject Line: IMPORTANT: Install Action…

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Integration Announcement

Integrations are great for users and even better for promotion and partnerships. 1. Integration Announcement Email Template [Depending on how deep the integration is or how close you are to the company being integrated, you may want to do a good amount of promotion. At…

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Merger/Acquisition Announcement Email Template So many founders want that coveted exit strategy. Or, they want to remain in the company without ever worrying about money again. So, they sell. If you have sold, hope to sell or want to scoop up companies like Michael Douglas…

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Video Email

Sending videos in emails is getting easier, but it can still be tricky. 1. General Video Email Subject Line: Video: {Title of video OR a play on the title/content} Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, We just released an awesome new {Video type (Explainer, vlog, etc.}. You can click here…

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Survey Request

If you want to know things about your users — ask them. 1. General Survey Email (No Incentive) Subject Line: Psst. Can we get your opinion? Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, It would be amazing if you could take {Approximate survey time} to tell us {Quick reason for…

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Site Maintenance

Maintenance/Downtime 1. General Maintenance Email Hi {{ subscriber.first_name}} We will be performing scheduled maintenance on {Insert timeframe}. We are making a few necessary security and performance improvements and during this time, there will be an interruption of {Product Name} services, including {insert affected features}. Periodic…

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Referral Request

Getting referrals can significantly increase your revenue with less effort than winning new clients to your product(s). That said, you have to make the effort to ask your users to refer you to their colleagues. 1a. Referral with NO Incentive Subject Line: Are you loving {Product…

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New Content

It’s likely that your blog topics are interesting to your target buyers. If so, sending them regular emails with new content is a great way to drive traffic and build trust with your email list. 1a. Single Post Email Subject Line: {Title of blog or Concept…

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Live Event

Live Event Sequence Putting on or going to a live event is a great way to build a solid community of brand ambassadors. But you have to get them to show up to your meetups. One of the best ways is via an email sequence….

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Lead Magnet Delivery

If someone signs up for your free resource, you’ll have to give them access, right? An email helps them to save it for later. 1. General Lead Magnet Delivery Email Subject Line: Delivery: {Resource title} Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, As promised, here’s {Resource title}. {Instructions to obtain lead…

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Email Course

There are a ton of Lead Magnets, but one of the simplest and most popular options is the email course. 1a. Example Written Lesson Layout Subject Line: Day One: {Lesson Title} Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, Welcome to the first email in {Title of course}. Brief: In today’s lesson…

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We know that SaaS is an ongoing product that isn’t limited, but prices can go up and deals can go away. 1b. Justin McGill’s “Real World” Scarcity Email The intention was for last night to be the end of the {Offer/Sale/Discount} But since {Insert reason…

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Demo Pitch

Another “closer” type email, demos are the bread of butter of many SaaS companies sales strategy. These should be offered toward the end of the buying cycle. If a knowledgeable rep can walk qualified prospects through — it’s way more likely they’ll buy. 1. General…

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Customer Success

Customer Success (Long-Term Sequence) Helping your customers succeed lowers churn and improves your recurring revenue. Emails can keep your users improving over time. Below is one email that you can tailor to each feature of your product(s) to show users how they can get every…

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Contest Announcement

Contest Sequence Running a contest is a strategy being used by many top companies. To really see the exponential growth, you’ll want to use your current list to kick off your contest to the world. 1. Contest Email Subject Line: We’re Having a Contest! Hi {{subscriber.first_name}},…

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Webinar Invite

Webinar Promotion Sequence SaaS products love webinars. You can send emails to your list or even to cold prospects. 1. Webinar Promotion Sequence Subject Line: Webinar: {Title/Benefit of Webinar} Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, Want to find out how your competitors, like {Competitor Name} are {Insert desirable result}?…

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Content Curation

Putting together an email that compiles your best content on a certain topic or time period is a great way to keep your blog alive and improve engagement. 1a. Curating Topical Content Subject Line: Our Best {Topic} Content in One Place Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, Every piece of…

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Case Study

If your current users are seeing results, it’s always a good idea to document their journey. Then, you can send those results (in documented form) to trial users, new subscribers and anyone else who isn’t currently paying for your service. 1. General Case Study Email…

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Bonus Content

Bonus Content (e.g. Lead Magnet(s) Leads haven’t seen yet) 1. Other Lead Magnets Email Subject Line: Our Complete Resource Roster Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, Now that you’re a subscriber, we’d like to show you all of the resources we’ve put together exclusively for our community. You may have…

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Blog Onboarding

Onboarding Sequence (New Blog/Newsletter Subscriber) When someone signs up via an opt-in form (either for a lead magnet or to your newsletter), a concentrated series of emails can help you drive people to your site. It can even increase sign ups to your product(s). 1….

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Bad News

Bad News/Big Change (potentially negative) All news can’t be good news and sometimes you’ll have to convey negative information to your users. 1. Price Increase Email Subject Line: Rate Increase Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, {Current year} Has been a great year for {Company/Product name}. {Insert positive description of…

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Achievement Notification

Part of customer success is making sure your users understand the progress they’ve made. Alerting them to certain achievements is a great way to encourage users while prompting them to make the best next steps. 1. General Achievement Notification Subject Line: You just {Describe achievement}! Hi…

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