When people get on your email list, it likely happens one of two ways. You found their email (e.g. for cold emailing) They signed up on your website For our purposes today, we’ll discuss those who have signed up of their own accord on your…

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Welcome Subscribers

1. General Welcome Email Subject Line: Welcome to the Family/Community! Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, Glad the content has inspired you to sign up! I’m/We’re really trying to create resources that {Insert target demographic} can use to {Insert common desire of target demographic}. {Key topic(s)} is what we live…

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Speaking Engagement

1. Direct Approach Subject: Speakers at {Event Name} Hi {{First name}}, Are you looking for speakers to fill spots at {Event name}? (Figured I wouldn’t wasted you time and get right into the ask.) If you are looking, I would love it if you’d consider me…

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Mentorship Email

1. General Mentorship Email Subject: Your Goals, Achieved Faster Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, {Number of years} years ago, I started out {description of field of work}. Oh, the amount of time I could have saved if I only had a mentor. [OR] There is no telling how much…

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Call Scheduling

1. General Call Scheduling Email Subject Line: Thanks for Attending/Reading/Downloading [One of the best times to email is after a lead has interacted with some good Middle of Funnel content] Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, Just wanted to reach out and say thanks for {Insert action completed by lead}….

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Video Email

Sending videos in emails is getting easier, but it can still be tricky. 1. General Video Email Subject Line: Video: {Title of video OR a play on the title/content} Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, We just released an awesome new {Video type (Explainer, vlog, etc.}. You can click here…

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Case Study

1. General Case Study Email Subject Line: How {Company Name/Person} Increased/Decreased {Core benefit} by {Specific Number/Percentage} Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, One of the biggest success-drivers in the {Target Industry} industry is {Key metric}. {Company name/person} set out to improve their {Key metric} and with a little help…

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Webinar Promotion

1. Webinar Promotion Sequence Subject Line: Webinar: {Title/Benefit of Webinar} Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, Want to find out how your competitors, like {Competitor Name} are {Insert desirable result}? Over the past {Number of years}, {Your Company Name} has helped companies just like {Lead’s Company Name} achieve results. We’ve…

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Email Course

There are a ton of Lead Magnets, but one of the simplest and most popular options is the email course. 1a. Example Written Lesson Layout Subject Line: Day One: {Lesson Title} Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, Welcome to the first email in {Title of course}. Brief: In today’s lesson…

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Referral Request

Getting referrals can significantly increase your revenue with less effort than winning new clients to your services. That said, you have to make the effort to ask your users to refer you to their colleagues. 1a. Referral with NO Incentive Subject Line: Know anyone? Hi {{subscriber.first_name}},…

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Live Event

Putting on or going to a live event is a great way to build a solid community of brand ambassadors. But you have to get them to show up to your meetups. One of the best ways is via an email sequence. 1a. One-Off “Come…

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Survey Announcement

1. General Survey Email (No Incentive) Subject Line: Psst. Can we get your opinion? Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, It would be amazing if you could take {Approximate survey time} to tell us {Quick reason for the survey}. Here’s the link for the survey. You may be thinking, “But…

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Contest Announcement

Running a contest is a strategy being used by many top companies. To really see the exponential growth, you’ll want to use your current list to kick off your contest to the world. 1. Contest Email Subject Line: We’re Having a Contest! Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, We’re so…

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Bonus Content

1. Other Lead Magnets Email Subject Line: Our Complete Resource Roster Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, Now that you’re a subscriber, we’d like to show you all of the resources we’ve put together exclusively for our community. You may have signed up for one of our {Tools, guides, etc},…

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Content Curation

Get new blog subscribers crawling through your content by curating your best posts. 1a. Curating Topical Content Subject Line: Our Best {Topic} Content in One Place Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, Every piece of content should be the best we can possibly put out. But some blog posts perform…

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