When people get on your email list, it likely happens one of two ways. You found their email (e.g. for cold emailing) They signed up on your website For our purposes today, we’ll discuss those who have signed up of their own accord on your…

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Subscriber Welcome

1. General Ecommerce Welcome Subject: Welcome to {Company name} + {Offer} Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, Are you excited, because we are! We want to welcome you by {Offer}! Are you ready to explore? {CTA Button} [e.g. Start Shopping for the Perfect Shoes!] To unsubscribe from any future…

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Order Confirmation

Ecommerce has, in many ways, has added to the “instant gratification” desire of society. One of the most prominent indicators of this? Knowing exactly what is going on with your orders as it happens. If a customer purchases a product, send confirmation. Even if it’s…

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Free Shipping

IF you sell physical products, free shipping has been a thought. Even Walmart offers to ship items free due to Amazon’s liberal mailing policies. But many ecoms don’t do free shipping all the time. It’s during high-traffic times of the year or at sales. So,…

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Abandon Cart

1a. General Abandoned Cart Email Subject: Your items are ready Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, We noticed you had an open cart with us. These items look familiar? {Insert items in cart} Items in carts aren’t reserved and could sell out. If you’d like to complete your purchase,…

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Bestseller Curation

1. General Bestseller Email Subject: Bestsellers of/in {Insert appropriate term} [i.e. Season, year, womens, etc.] Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, Check out the bestsellers of the {timeframe} in {category}! Best, {{Your Name}} To unsubscribe from any future emails, click here.

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First Time Buyer Discount

Ah, when a new visitor becomes a customer. It can equal growth. You get them to come back again quickly with a discount immediately after their purchase. A first time buyer discount works great in conjunction with the upsell. If a person buys earrings, you…

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Case Study

Case studies in ecommerce are tricky. You can’t just brag about your products. And if you sell products that aren’t your own, it’s even more difficult. One of the best ways is to find how your customers use the products to accomplish something. Think of…

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Subscription Cancellation

If you run a recurring model ecommerce shop (i.e. subscription box, digital product, etc.), people cancel. It’s similar to what Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies call “churn”. One of the ways to limit churn is to invite customers back in the very email telling them they’ve cancelled….

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Flash Sale

Some ecommerce sites prefer to limit sales, but other seems to have a significant amount of discounts. Whatever the reason you’d like to run a sale, you’ll need visitors who are ready to buy in order for it to be successful. BooHoo’s Text Message Flash…

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Contest Announcement

Running a contest is a strategy being used by many top companies. To really see the exponential growth, you’ll want to use your current list to kick off your contest to the world. 1. Contest Email Subject Line: We’re Having a Contest! Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, We’re…

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Video Email

Videos are a great way to showcase new products and drive traffic to your ecommerce site. Sending those videos to your list of current customers just makes sense. 1. General Video Email Subject Line: Video: {Title of video OR a play on the title/content} Hi…

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Bad News

All news can’t be good news and sometimes you’ll have to convey negative information to your users. 1. Price Increase Email Subject Line: Rate Increase Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, {Current year} Has been a great year for {Company/Product name}. {Insert positive description of year} {Next year} hopes…

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Survey Request

1. General Survey Email (No Incentive) Subject Line: Psst. Can we get your opinion? Hi {{subscriber.first_name}}, It would be amazing if you could take {Approximate survey time} to tell us {Quick reason for the survey}. Here’s the link for the survey. You may be thinking,…

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Live Event

Putting on or going to a live event is a great way to build a solid community of brand ambassadors. But you have to get them to show up to your meetups. One of the best ways is via an email sequence. 1a. One-Off “Come…

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We know that SaaS is an ongoing product that isn’t limited, but prices can go up and deals can go away. How Francesca’s does scarcity Here’s a screenshot from Francesca’s, an online clothing retailer, warning customers about the last day to get 40% off. Subject…

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