Email Marketing Templates

Nearly 200 individual templates separated across 7 different verticals for your email marketing efforts. Enjoy!

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How to convert website visitors into customers
60+ Templates and instructions!

Email Marketing is crucial for the success of any Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. Here are 60+ templates in 26 different categories for you to use and adapt for your business.

Marketing Agencies

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Agencies use email to generate leads, service customers and communicate with teammates. Here are all kinds of templates you can use.


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Whether you're an author, an influencer or both — these templates can help you build trust with your email list.


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Email Marketing Templates

Here is a collection of e-commerce email marketing templates to help you nurture potential customers, win back customers for multiple purchases, and more.

Home Services

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Here are dozens of email templates that can be used by plumbers, electricians, contractors and other home service professionals. Stay focused on providing excellent work and use these templates to grow your business.

Consumer Services

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A consumer service is typically a business with a physical location, designed for consumers. Gym and spa owners, accountants, and mechanics would be a few examples. If you own a consumer service business — here are email templates to help your business grow.

Business Services

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Does your business sell services to other businesses? Maybe you're a consultant or have a team — here are dozens of emails over 15+ categories to help you and your business.