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Repeat Visitor

Maybe you give out a Groupon or take out an ad to get foot traffic in your shop. But then what?

Getting a new customers email address while they’re in your store is crucial, but only the first step. The next step is to send them an enticing offer to come back.

Most people may take a visit to the spa or gym as, “That was good, we should go back.” But never think about it again.

That’s when your email shows up with an offer to get repeat business.

General Repeat Visitor Email

Subject Line: Next Visit {Discount/Offer} [I.e. Next Visit On Us, or Next Visit %50 off]

Hi {{subscriber.first_name}},

We hope you enjoyed your first visit with us!

In fact, to show how much we appreciate you, we want {insert offer details here}.

To book an appointment, you can {insert contact details}. Or just walk in anytime and we’ll be happy to get you going.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

{Your Name}

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