We know that SaaS is an ongoing product that isn’t limited, but prices can go up and deals can go away.

How Francesca’s does scarcity

Here’s a screenshot from Francesca’s, an online clothing retailer, warning customers about the last day to get 40% off.

Subject Line: LAST DAY: Up to 40% off online!

1b. Justin McGill’s “Real World” Scarcity Email

The intention was for last night to be the end of the {Offer/Sale/Discount}

But since {Insert reason for delay} and my dev team hasn’t yet pushed the update to take it down. So, itt’s still technically available.

I figured I would do something really “markety” and send this one last chance email :)

We will be pushing the update live first thing tomorrow morning to remove the {Offer/Sale/Discount}

Want {Description of sale/discount}? Then get it today while you still can.

Here’s what {Offer/Sale/Discount} Includes:

  1. {Offer Detail}
  2. {Offer Detail}
  3. {Offer Detail}

Here’s what is coming in the future…

  1. {Planned feature}
  2. {Planned feature}
  3. {Planned feature}

Here’s what you need to know…

{More details behind the offer}

This is it…for real… :)

Tomorrow morning, the app will be updated to reflect this as well.

We look forward to having you along for the journey!


{Your Name}

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