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First Time Buyer Discount

Ah, when a new visitor becomes a customer. It can equal growth.

You get them to come back again quickly with a discount immediately after their purchase. A first time buyer discount works great in conjunction with the upsell.

If a person buys earrings, you can sell pitch them a matching necklace for XX% off.

But if you don’t know what they’d like to buy, you can just offer them the discount for being a new customer.

1. General First-time Buyer Discount

Subject: Thanks + Gift for You!

Hi {{subscriber.first_name}},

So excited to have you as our newest customer! And we know you’ll love the [You can insert the product or a generic description].

To thank you for making your first purchase, we want to offer you [insert discount/offer details]!

Get your gift by [Insert offer redemption details].

Happy Shopping!

{{Your Name}}

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