Blog Onboarding

Onboarding Sequence (New Blog/Newsletter Subscriber)

When someone signs up via an opt-in form (either for a lead magnet or to your newsletter), a concentrated series of emails can help you drive people to your site.

It can even increase sign ups to your product(s).

1. Onboarding Sequence Email One

Subject Line: First Things First

Hi {{subscriber.first_name}},

Glad the content has inspired you to sign up!

I’m/We’re really trying to create resources that {Insert target demographic} can use to {Insert common desire of target demographic}.

In fact, we’re so crazy about it that {Product Name} was created with the same goal in mind.

Want to know more? You can click here to watch a short demo. [Or another resource/landing page]

Or to get access right now, you only need to {Insert desired action}. You can quickly head to {Desired location} by clicking right here.


{{Your Name}}

To unsubscribe from any future emails, click here.

[Important Note: If someone does sign up for your product (either trial/freemium/etc.) you should ship them to another onboarding sequence. This can be done with a marketing automation tool, like Gist.]

2. Onboarding Sequence Email Two (Did NOT Sign Up for Product)

Subject Line: Can I/We Show You Around?

Hi {{subscriber.first_name}},

Over the next week or two, we’d like to give you a little compilation of the resources we’ve created here at {Company Name}.

Today’s is {Title of resource}.

{Synopsis of resource}

Be on the lookout in the next couple of days for the next email!


{{Your Name}}

P.S. If you’re interested in downloading {Product Name} for free, click here to find out the details

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3. Onboarding Sequence Email Three (Did NOT Sign Up for Product)

Subject Line: Want to {Core benefit of content shared in post} [Example: Want to Find More Leads This Month?]

Hi {{subscriber.first_name}},

Mail call!

As a {Target buyer persona}, you may {Common task/pain point/etc.}.

In today’s post you can find out:

  • {Actionable Tip}
  • {Actionable Tip}
  • {Actionable Tip}

Let me know what you think!


{{Your Name}}

P.S. Have any ideas for content you’d like to see? Hit reply. I/We will read and reply back.

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[Note: You can continue this sequence as long as you’d like. For other examples of delivering blog content, you can scroll down to that section :) ]

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