Case Study

If your current users are seeing results, it’s always a good idea to document their journey. Then, you can send those results (in documented form) to trial users, new subscribers and anyone else who isn’t currently paying for your service.

1. General Case Study Email

Subject Line: How {Company Name} Increased/Decreased {Core benefit} by {Specific Number/Percentage}

Hi {{subscriber.first_name}},

One of the biggest success-drivers in the {Target Industry} industry is {Key metric}.

{Company name} set out to improve their {Key metric} and with {Your Company Name}’s help — they did just that and more.

Click here to see exactly how {Company name} exceeded their goals.


{{Your Name}}

P.S. If you’d like to schedule a consultation to see if {Your Company Name} can help you do the same thing, click here!

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