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We know that SaaS is an ongoing product that isn’t limited, but prices can go up and deals can go away.

1b. Justin McGill’s “Real World” Scarcity Email

The intention was for last night to be the end of the {Offer/Sale/Discount}

But since {Insert reason for delay} and my dev team hasn’t yet pushed the update to take it down. So, itt’s still technically available.

I figured I would do something really “markety” and send this one last chance email :)

We will be pushing the update live first thing tomorrow morning to remove the {Offer/Sale/Discount}

Want {Description of sale/discount}? Then get it today while you still can.

Here’s what {Offer/Sale/Discount} Includes:

  1. {Offer Detail}
  2. {Offer Detail}
  3. {Offer Detail}

Here’s what is coming in the future…

  1. {Planned feature}
  2. {Planned feature}
  3. {Planned feature}

Here’s what you need to know…

{More details behind the offer}

This is it…for real… :)

Tomorrow morning, the app will be updated to reflect this as well.

We look forward to having you along for the journey!


{Your Name}

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