Are you a marketing professional?

Upcoming sales influencer?

Executive who has extensive experience with the buyer journey?

If so, we may be interested in having you write for Gist. Interested?

Be sure to read the following guidelines in detail. There are several things we require, so pay attention. Submissions that fail to meet these requirements will NOT be considered.

Let’s go.

The “Why” of Contributing to Gist

First, we’ll go over the “why” of guest posts for our audience, for us (Gist) and for you!

The Gist

  • Our Audience are marketers who won’t be fooled by bad content.
  • At Gist, we want to drive trials and installs of our products.
  • You’ll get a link, our dedicated promotion strategy and an attractive bio.

1 For Our Audience

The Gist: We are striving to create a place of value for marketers and business executives who handle the marketing, sales and support of their organizations.

Tall order, right?

95% of content online is barely worth reading. And marketers know that already. This means that every single thing we post on our blog has to be:

  • Hyper-Relevant to the Buyer Journey
  • Backed Up by Data and “Real World” Use Cases
  • Easy-to-Read (Just because it’s valuable doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining)

2 For Gist

Gist is a platform created to house all the necessary tools for the entire marketing, sales and support spectrum.

Valuable content (properly promoted) attracts visitors.

We want those visitors to sign up for a free trial of Gist and install one of our products onto their website.

3 For The Contributor (You)

Every piece of content that goes through our rigorous process and is published will be promoted by a dedicated person in multiple ways.

Note: You can check out our content strategy here to see a little of that promotion, right here.

Our promotion means that more eyeballs see your name and read your valuable contribution to the Gist library of content.

In addition to our dedicated promotion, contributors will benefit from:

  1. A Backlink: One link directly to your site in the bio. (You can include another link or two to blogs, but they have to be contextual and fit the content.)
  2. Author Bio: Any post published on Gist will get the author a well-designed profile. Your image and other details will be included.
  3. More Posts: Write one good post and you’ll have a direct line to getting more of your quality content published. Every post will be reviewed/edited, but the pipeline will be shorter.

The “What” We Expect Out of Your Content

Now, you know why. It’s time to lay out the expectations.

1 The Content Itself

To say the content needs to be good is an understatement.

We won’t publish things unless they help marketers, sales pros and customer success folks be better at what they do.

Here’s a list of broad topics (You can find and suggest subtopics within these large categories):

  • Marketing (Content marketing, email, nurturing, top/middle funnel, etc., etc.)
  • Sales (Closing, cold email, pitching, etc., etc.)
  • Support (Onboarding, customer success, handling tickets, etc., etc.)

Here’s a few examples of the types of content we love:

  • Case Studies: Something you’ve done that has worked (or hasn’t). A blog that details that journey with the results to prove your answers is a type of post marketers LOVE.
  • How-To’s: Know how to navigate a tough process in the marketing, sales or support? Show our audience how it’s done.
  • Round Ups: If you know several professionals and can get their opinions on a relevant topic, we’d love to get that in front of our audience.

Here are some non-negotiable things we need to be included (or not included):

  • At least 1000+ words
  • Screenshots or attributed, relevant images
  • Absolutely ZERO stock images within the content (The feature image can be stock, but nothing else)
  • Short sentences and paragraphs (1-3 sentences in a paragraph)
  • 10+ Sub-headings (H2, H3 and H4 all acceptable to break up the content)
  • Concise, not fluff
  • Here’s a great example of the style and format of content we expect from Moz (and it’s about writing good content 🙂

Important: We reserve editing rights for the life of the content, but will inform you of changes being made.

2 Your Promotion

Promoting the guest post across your social channels is a great way to get started (we’ll be doing the same thing on our end).

A few social posts over the course of a week or two. Then, intermittent posts over the course of time would be awesome.

Important: One thing we do require is a link back to your site. We will work together to find a relevant blog or resource on our respective sites to keep things contextual. Then, once that link to your site is live — we’ll schedule your content to go live on ours.

3 The Life of the Content

Times change.

This statement is especially true in the marketing world. How we do things changes, even though the keywords we rank for don’t.

For instance, “link building” in 2008 is dramatically different to “link building” now. Even the term “marketing” is totally different from 20 years ago.

For this reason, depending on the performance of your content, we update it annually to improve relevance.

As long as we have a working email for you, you’ll be notified of the coming changes.

The “How” to Get Started

If you’re still up for the challenge and would like to submit a draft, take a look at what we’ll need.

What We Need

Send an email to with the following:

  • The number of words we require for a contributed blog.
  • 3 topics that are hyper-relevant to our audience and meet our requirements.
  • The First/Last name and email of the person for authorship attribution.

Once I have these three things, here’s what happens next.

  1. I’ll either choose one of your topics or ask you for some more ideas.
  2. Then, you’ll write and submit the draft for review.
  3. Upon approval of a final draft, we’ll find discuss a link opportunity.
  4. The post is then scheduled to go live after we receive a link.
  5. Finally, both you and Gist will promote the post.