Say hello to Emma, a cutting-edge GPT-4 powerered AI Bot

Speed up the resolution of over 50% of support cases using the content you already have, providing your team more time to deliver personalized service.

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With Emma, you can say goodbye to


Repetitive tickets

We get it. They are a pain. That’s why Emma automates ticket handling so that your team can spend less time dealing with repetitive queries and more time solving them.


Underused help centers

We make it easy for your customers to interact with your help center and get answers that work for them—without any unnecessary frustration or wasted time.


Frustrating chatbots

Emma allows for a delightful chat experience with the right systems in place to ensure your customers can get the information they need.

Trade long wait times for instant support

Give site visitors and customers the answers they need in seconds, at their moment of highest intent, 24/7. Gist’s AI Chatbots never sleep, which means you can engage with your customers at any time, when it’s most convenient for them.


Suggest answers as soon as customers start typing

Speed up self-service by offering relevant answers based on what customers are typing — before they even hit the enter key.


Customize it to your audience and brand

Choose who the bot speaks to and how it answers based on criteria like customer spend, business type, and more.


All the tools you need for automated support



Embedded safeguards ensure all responses strictly align with your support content, eliminating chances for erroneous answers or irrelevant conversations.



Conversations in Inbox, monitoring all responses becomes a breeze for your team.


No training

Answers to customer queries begin flowing immediately, no need for training, configuration, or new bot paths.


Truly multilingual

Emma is capable of detecting a customer’s language automatically and can resolve issues in any of the 43 languages supported by Gist.


Multiple sources

Emma can assimilate content from a variety of sources like Gist Articles, Zendesk Help Center, or any public URL.


Control at your fingertips

Custom Answers allows you to create personalized answers to critical questions, which Emma will prioritize over its AI-generated responses.


Perfect blend of AI and human touch

For complex issues, Emma effortlessly transfers them to your human support team, ensuring the finest experience for your customers.


We use Gist for everyday support with both our existing clients (through our web app) and with our potential clients (through our website). We tackle anything from tech issues, to lead generation, to answering product questions our users may have in the early stages. We also use it to communicate with users on a regular basis.
Anca Pop, SocialBee