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Send targeted email campaigns at the perfect moment and turn new subscribers into devoted customers.

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Your leads need a little push…

They are reading your content and are considering a purchase.


…get them interested in buying

Educate them with timely email campaigns and increase conversions.

Delight customers with relevant emails

Filter your contacts based on their behavior to create targeted segments, and send relevant emails that are tailored to their individual interests.

  • Make emails feel truly personal

    Deliver personalized emails to every lead by pulling in customer data using liquid tags to engage and convert more leads.


Use cases

  • 01

    Show new users what they can do. Onboard new users and help them get started with your app.

  • 02

    Share best practices with active users. Help users get the best out of your app by sharing use cases.

  • 03

    Announce new features and updates Let users know when new updates are released and how they work.

  • 04

    Engage users when they become inactive Remind users of what they’re missing while they’re away, and get them back.


Deliver the right email at the right time

Send email messages and drip campaigns triggered by time or behavior to onboard, retain and upsell customers.

  • Turn leads into loyal customers

    Send an onboarding sequence or an email course to keep your audience engaged, and automatically drive revenue.

  • Engage and retain customers

    Send personalized email messages to each customer based on their unique behavior and continue to deliver value post purchase.


Send timely broadcast emails

Send right away or schedule one-off emails to notify subscribers about a new blog post, or a promotional sale.

  • Send automated follow-ups to non-openers

    Give people a second chance at engaging with your content by automatically resending previous broadcasts with a new subject line so you don’t have to export and import non-openers manually.

  • Deliver the freshest content every time

    Insert your most recent blog posts into newsletters, or send out weekly email with your newest products by pulling in your RSS feed into your emails automatically.


Get actionable insights on your campaigns

Improve your email strategy with an aggregate view into the performance of your campaigns – including geography, acquisition, and engagement.

  • Analyze key email metrics

    Track sends, delivery rates, opens, link clicks, spam reports, bounces, unsubscribes, and measure engagement across devices, geography, and platforms.

  • Set and measure campaign goals

    Decide specific goals for each campaign, compose actionable messages, and find out how many people reached those milestones.


Unleash the power of marketing automation

Move info and automate actions within your Gist project so you can focus on your most important work.

  • Automate tedious marketing tasks

    Create automation rules without IT using a do-it-yourself visual builder so you can save time and automate your marketing with a few clicks.

  • Become a marketing pro

    Perform repetitive marketing actions with little effort using 10 triggers and 11 actions including moving subscribers between campaigns, applying tags, and tracking events.


Coming soon in 2019

Visual Workflows

Design beautiful visual workflows with ease using our hyper-intuitive builder and create a personalized path to purchase for each customer.

Email A/B Testing

Easily A/B test variations within a single email campaign, see detailed reports on what engages people best and increase conversions.

Drag&drop Email Builder

Use our drag-and-drop email builder to create beautifully designed emails and branded campaigns personalized for your business.

Engage customers with the right emails

Delivery windows

Schedule emails to be sent only on specific days and between certain hours so they reach your users only during your working hours.

Follow-up Emails

Trigger follow-up emails automatically based on email interactions such as opens and link clicks.

Spam Safeguards

Make sure your emails hit inboxes. We constantly analyze all emails sent across our user base in real-time based on hundreds of factors so you get the highest delivery rates.

Exclude Purchasers

Send emails to everyone interested in a particular product, while excluding those who have already purchased.

Mobile friendly

Send branded email campaigns that look great on every device.

Inbox Preview

See how your message will look on your recipient’s device in real-time so you can make changes to your email content and design


See which location your contacts are interacting with your emails from and use that data for segmentation.

Custom Domains

Add your custom domains in three simple steps so you can send messages from your own work email address.