Keep track of leads in a CRM, not in your head

Get a unified view of your sales pipeline with a drag and drop workflow, simple customization, and actionable revenue insights.

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Have complete visibility of your pipeline

Get a clear visual interface that prompts you to take action, remain organized and stay on top of a complex sales process.


Minimize data entry

Spend more on what matters—closing big deals. The Gist Pipeline View makes it fast and easy to add and update your leads, company details and sales stages.


Track performance across your team

Monitor your team’s performance individually and as a whole. Use sales dashboards to get quick, straightforward insights into where you’re excelling and failing.



We use Gist for everyday support with both our existing clients (through our web app) and with our potential clients (through our website). We tackle anything from tech issues, to lead generation, to answering product questions our users may have in the early stages. We also use it to communicate with users on a regular basis.
Anca Pop, SocialBee