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Get your Gist All-in-One Premium membership now

Why pay hundreds of $$$ every month on a bunch of disconnected tools? You can get all of them in one single place, for one single price.

Here's what you get when you purchase Gist right now:

Live Chat + Chatbots

Start talking to website visitors, set up proactive chat prompts, qualify leads automatically with chat bots, schedule meetings with VIP customers or partners, and support customers, all in real time.

Email Marketing

Start growing your list, set up your first automated emails, segment your list based on product interest, tag customers based on their purchase behavior, and build email campaigns that span your entire customer lifecycle — all with Gist.

Marketing Automation

Tie together all your marketing tools so you can automate start-to-finish campaigns (and other areas of your business). Set up sophisticated automation rules and create dynamic customer segments across your email platforms, webinar platforms, payment systems, Facebook custom audiences, and more.

Event Tracking

See what people are doing on your website and storefront. Tag and segment them based on behavior. Find out who your most engaged users are to trigger specific email marketing campaigns or automation workflows.


Capture attention with timely and relevant pop-ups. Capture more leads through beautiful forms. You'll get all our top features, including unlimited lead forms, geo targeting, timed and exit intent popups, media driven walkthroughs, and more.

Knowledge Base

Let your customers help themselves with unlimited help articles. Make it easy to navigate with unlimited categories. Pull in relevant articles directly from the knowledge base into your chat widget. You can even match the knowledge base colors to your brand.

Schedule Meetings

Use our built-in calendar scheduler to associate meetings to contacts, trigger automation workflows, and more. You can even configure chat bots to pre-qualify leads and then link them to book a time on your calendar for a follow-up call.

All totaled, that's over $1,700 per year for our standard subscriptions. It's yours when you purchase Gist right now for $297/year.

Get your Gist All-in-One Premium membership Now

What Customers Say

Join 20,000+ happy customers of all sizes rely on Gist to help them grow.


Send the Right Email to the Right People at the Right Time

Create Dynamic Email Campaigns In Minutes

Filter your contacts based on their behavior to create targeted segments, and send relevant emails that are tailored to their individual interests.

Plus, personalize your emails based on what Gist knows about your subscribers, send targeted email campaigns at the perfect moment and turn new subscribers into devoted customers.

You can start with 40+ completely done-for-you workflow templates, complete with email copy and all, to help you get started quickly.


See Exactly How Your Users Have Engaged with Your Business

Get a sophisticated timeline for every single user who joins your list. See exactly how a particular user has interacted with your business from the second they land on your website.

For example, you can see when a specific subscriber downloaded a particular free report or video, when they joined your webinar, or when they purchased your products.


Get Actionable Insights on Your Campaigns

Improve your email strategy with an aggregate view into the performance of your campaigns. Track sends, delivery rates, opens, link clicks, spam reports, bounces, unsubscribes, and measure engagement across devices, geography, and platforms.

Decide specific goals for each campaign, compose actionable messages, and find out how many people reached those milestones.


Plus, Get a 99% Delivery Rate, Zapier Integration, Easy Segmentation, Lead Scoring, Top Reporting and Analytics, and Much More ...

Send 3 Kinds of Emails

Easily send email broadcasts, behavioral messages, or entire drip email campaigns. (No matter what emails you send, you'll get a 99% delivery rate.

Connect to Tools You Use

Use several native integrations and/or Zapier to connect with over 1,000 popular apps using Gist's Zapier integration to turn your business into a seamless marketing machine.

Segment Your Users

Always find the right group of users to receive a particular email using advanced filters and deep segmentation.

Help Customers Help Themselves

Have your own knowledge base with a beautiful design that you can customize, multiple category levels, a search, and even allow your team to surface knowledge base articles right from the help desk when chatting with customers!

Intuitive Analytics and Reporting

Get insightful reports that give you the exact data you need to manage all your email communication.

Plus geo-tracking, inbox preview, follow-up emails, liquid tag customization, and more.

Automate customer lifecycle messages and drip email campaigns to convert, engage, and retain more users. Trigger more engagement with relevant messages based on what people do, or don't do, on your website.

Get your Gist All-in-One Premium membership now

What Customers Say

Join 20,000+ happy customers of all sizes rely on Gist to help them grow.


Create As Many Lead Forms As You Like with Gist

Perfectly Timed Engagement

Set up advanced time and scroll triggers, and show forms based on how long a visitor is on your site, or how much they scroll on a page.

Target people on your website based on pages they visit, segments they belong to, and more. Plus, show lead forms to people from a specific geographical region to run location specific offers (coming soon).


Use an Infinite Number of Lead Forms to Grow Your List

Engage, guide and convert website visitors into email subscribers with simple call to actions and timed promotions.

Choose from 6 types of lead generation forms (coming soon) and turn your website into your best source for new leads. Plus, trigger lead capture forms whenever visitors click on a link, button, or image.


Plus Exit Intent Forms, Custom Retargeting, Pre-populated Form Fields, and More ...

Six Types of Forms

Setup an unlimited number of lead forms on your site: floating bars, bumpers, notifications, lightboxes, welcome mats, and full page takeover.

Exit Intent Forms

Capture contact details of leaving visitors so you can reach out to them later.

Split Testing

Test 2 or more forms o see what works best for your audience with our built-in split testing tool.

Referrer Based

Show relevant forms to visitors from different traffic sources such as Facebook ads, Product Hunt, affiliates, and increase conversions.

Custom Redirecting

Redirect visitors to a custom 'Thank You' page or to an affiliate site, after they submit a form.

Pre-Populated Form Fields

Pull in your leads' information automatically if they've ever filled in a Gist form—on any site—before.

Convert abandoning visitors into loyal subscribers and fill your email list with high quality leads and potential customers. Let your imagination run wild with a wide range of lead generation options.

Get your Gist All-in-One Premium membership now

What Customers Say

Join 20,000+ happy customers of all sizes rely on Gist to help them grow.


Connect Your Marketing Tools Together to Automate Your Business

Automate Your Emails with Workflows

Set up "if-this-then-that" rules and automate your marketing with a few clicks so you can focus on building your business. Perform repetitive marketing actions with little effort including moving subscribers between campaigns, applying tags, tracking events, sending lead magnet emails, and more.

For example, you can set up triggers to apply tags or send emails when a subscriber visits a page on your site, clicks an email link, makes a purchase, or takes part in any other event you send to Gist.

Save time and scale growth by automating repetitive tasks. Put your sales, marketing, and your entire business on autopilot. Engage your customers automatically at every stage in the funnel.

Get your Gist All-in-One Premium membership now

What Customers Say

Join 20,000+ happy customers of all sizes rely on Gist to help them grow.

Pick A Package That Suites You


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$228 /year
Get Gist 2.5k Yearly Now
  • 82% Discount Applied
  • 2,500 Contacts
  • 3 Support Seats


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$396 /year
Get Gist 5k Yearly Now
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  • 5,000 Contacts
  • 5 Support Seats


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$1188 /year
Get Gist 25k Yearly Now
  • 82% Discount Applied
  • 25,000 Contacts
  • 12 Support Seats

All Packages Include:

Yearly Access

Get annual access to Gist and all future updates.

Grandfathered Plan

Lock in at the discounted rate from now on for as long as you stay subscribed.

Unlimited Chat Conversations

Chat with as many people as you want, as many times as you want.

Unlimited In-app Announcements

Announce product updates, promotions and contextual help within your app or website.

Unlimited Chatbots

Deploy useful bots that can assist with routing inquiries to the right team, booking appointments, and more.

Unlimited Knowledgebase Articles

Your own branded knowledge base to help your customers help themselves.

Unlimited Emails

Send as many emails as you want to your list of contacts.

Unlimited Workflows

Create as many workflows as you want to automate your sales and marketing efforts.

Unlimited Forms

Choose from 6 different types of lead gen forms and capture lead info on any page.

Unlimited Segments

Create, save, and edit user segments as you like, based on their properties or events.

Unlimited Events

Automatically track every person who visits your website, and store every action they take in one place.

For a limited time, we're giving you a $1,700/year subscription for only $297/year. The best part? You get to keep this discount for LIFE. That means, you're combining 10+ tools into one all-in-one platform and getting yearly access for just $297/year.

And we're not stopping there. Over the next few months, we're adding a ton of new products and updates to Gist, and you'll get them (and ALL future updates as long as you're a customer) for free as part of the deal.

Over the next 14 days, try out all the features and use Gist to grow your business. If something is not working out, just let us know! We will give you a hand and help you get up and running with Gist. If it doesn't work, we will give you your money back!

Get your Gist All-in-One Premium membership now

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double Guarantee. Give us a try, and if you aren't completely satisfied, we'll refund 100% of your purchase - no questions asked. You have everything to gain starting with Gist today!

What Customers Say

Join 20,000+ happy customers of all sizes rely on Gist to help them grow.

Below is the tech stack you would need to combine in order to match up to Gist's offering.



Includes 2,500 contacts + 3 support users



Calendar scheduling software.



Live chat software.



Help desk + knowledge base software.



Dynamic call-to-action software.



Based on same requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is we have over 20 engineers on the team building out the most robust growth and support software on the planet. The leadership team is highly experienced in sales, marketing and customer success backgrounds to ensure we're building the product that not only our customers want, but that we NEED ourselves to run our own business!

Yes, you are getting our All-in-One Premium plan at a greatly reduced rate. This includes everything Gist has to offer.

Anyone who sells online would benefit from using Gist, that want to increase repeat orders, provide awesome support, and have more satisfied customers.

Our deliverability rate has always been very high. We use Sendgrid as our primary service provider. Companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, and Heroku use them, among many others.

You can send unlimited emails per month for free to your contacts.

If you want to add more than 5 additional users to your project to help you handle support, you'll be charged $9 per additional user per month. So, if you'd like to add 4 more teammates, you can pay $36 per month.

Normally, contacts are an additional $15/mo per 1k contacts. However, during this promotion, you'll get 1k contacts at just $10/mo.

Gist's marketing automation is called Workflows. Here are a few examples of automations on Gist.

If someone views 'Pricing Page' => 'Add tag 'Potential Customer'

If a user clicks on link 'Download E-Book' => Send a workflow that emails them the e-book with a follow-up in case they haven't opened it, with a 3 day delay before moving them into a long term nurture campaign. Check out the full list of available done-for-you templates here.

We understand everyone is starting from different places. If you have existing marketing automation workflows and drip campaigns configured, then I recommend taking advantage of our free migration service.

For those of you just getting started, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes. You just have to paste our tracking snippet code in your website, and you'll be on your way. Customizing the chat messenger and importing users will take just a minute or two.

The best part about Gist is that it works for you even when you are offline. Gist's chat bot will qualify leads, book meetings, send targeted messages, and respond to customer FAQs even when you are away. Whether you're B2B or B2C, whether you're selling software or your an e-commerce shop, live chat is the best way to capture visitors, engage leads, and retain customers. You can even set specific hours for your chat widget to show.

Yes, we have apps for iOS and Android for live chat that you can use to talk to your leads and customers from any device.

We've included Gist branding only on the live chat messenger, as a subtle non-intrusive text, instead of our logo (just like Drift or Intercom). You can sign up for our affiliate program and earn 40% commissions on anyone that signs up from your link!

Since you are an annual paying customer, you will also have the option to remove this branding.

Of course, we do! We're confident that you'll love Gist as soon as you start working with it. But if for some reason you are not satisfied, you can reach out to us and ask for a 100% refund within 14 days of your purchase.

Thanks for noticing how EXPENSIVE our competitors actually are. :D

Our perspective is pretty simple - the most expensive cost of a Marketing Automation tool is the CPU that's used to run your automations. And just a few years ago, our current price would have NOT been possible. But, as the Cloud industry evolved, so did expenses. Where CPUs were once a premium commodity, it's now priced closer to a utility. Our prices reflect that evolution. Everything we do is at the highest level possible. We use great, powerful auto-scaling server technology, enterprise class email sending, and work with technology that's on the cutting edge of performance, while taking into consideration that it needs to work flawlessly for a vast group of marketers. No, we don't cut corners. We maximize value.

Yeah. We think so too. :)

The answer is simple. We want to provide you one platform for getting a complete 360 degree view of your contacts and customers.

We have big plans for the platform and we need smart customers to blaze this trail with us.

That's exactly why we are offering such a massive value at an outrageously low price.

Plus, an enthusiastic case study or a testimonial from you would be pretty cool. ;)

Things Our Customers Love

"...just love how easy it is to use!"

" works right the first time, every time"

"You can customize everything!!"

"’s so easy to setup retargeting with Facebook and Google ads"

"...the customer support is the best in the biz.. rock on!"

More and more websites choose Gist every day!

Get your Gist All-in-One Premium membership now

What Customers Say

Join 20,000+ happy customers of all sizes rely on Gist to help them grow.